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The door swings behind Peter, leaving me with his siblings.  The look on his face is completely apologetic as he closes it to go and speak with his parents. 
            I return my gaze to Andrew, Hannah, and Danny.  Andrew is leaning back in his recliner, arms crossed and eyes somewhere other than me.  Hannah and Danny are sitting on the floor, playing some hand game that ends with Hannah slapping Danny for messing up.  Hannah looks at me after she is done glowering at her brother for his lack of skills.
            “Why did he leave you here?”
            “Because I don’t need to talk to your parents with him.”
            “Are you sure?”
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First Dates
“So Saturday works for you?”
            “You betcha.  I’ll see you then!”  I hang up my phone and then turn to face Michelle.  “So, he, um, wants to go out on Saturday,” I tell her.
            The shriek that escapes her lips gives me a headache.  “That’s so great, Anna!” she squeals, throwing her arms around me and squeezing.  “What are you going to wear?  Where are you guys going?  Do you think he’ll kiss you?”
            I gently ease out of Michelle’s arms and straighten my clothes, which had become disheveled by her hug.  “I’m not entirely sure, dear.”  It’s not like this is my first date ever – goodness, I’ve been on many a date, but only with th
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House Call
“So, this is where I live.”  Peter drives up to a large house, a house that seems too big for him and the other five members of his family.  “I…know what you’re thinking,” he says, catching my appraising look at his house.  “But…it’s really not that big.”
            “Peter, there are buildings on Olympus that aren’t this big.”
            His face flushes bright red as he mumbles, “I know.  But don’t say anything, okay?  Especially to Adam and Michelle.”
            He turns off the car and walks around it to open my door.  “Thanks.”  He grabs my hand and we walk for a few steps.  “Do y
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We’re sitting there.  That’s all we’re doing, just sitting there.  His arm isn’t even around me.  His thigh is pressed against mine, and his fingertips dance over my palm, but that is the only contact this boy will allow me.  Maybe it’s because the mortals who are acting as my parents aren’t home.  Maybe it’s because he’s afraid my father, Zeus, will smite him if he tries to touch me.  Or maybe he’s just never sat on a couch with a girl before and watched a movie.  Maybe it just comes more natural to me because I’m two thousand years older.  
Maybe he doesn’t know how I’d react to his touch.
I suppose that’s a legitimate concern, seeing as how I could turn him into a toad if I no longer found him satisfactory – the only problem is, I don’t know if I would.  He’s a very nice boy, if I do say so myself, even though I don’t know how well I can
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Anna at the Park
“Did you guys really have to drag me out of there like that?  I haven’t seen my parents in a while.”
“Oh, Anna, get over yourself!  You’ve got the rest of the weekend to see them,” Michelle retorts.
I shrug.  “I suppose so, but it’s still been a little too long since I’ve been able to spend any time with them.”
Peter, who is sitting in the backseat of Michelle’s car with me, throws his arm around my shoulders.  “It’ll be alright, Anna.  Trust me.”  He places a finger under my chin and lifts my eyes to his.  “Trust me.”  He ruffles my brown curls.
I hunch my shoulders to force Peter to remove his arm.  “Fine.”
Michelle glances in the rearview mirror at me.  “Geeze, Anna!  We’ll bring you home in a little while, okay?  We just wanted to spend some time with you that wasn’t constricted by curfews and home
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Doodle of Anniewein by Annalyia Doodle of Anniewein :iconannalyia:Annalyia 1 18
I'm so bad at titles
“Hey, Anna!”  I pick my head up from my book to see Michelle and Adam running – well, Michelle running with Adam walking behind her – over to the tree I’m sitting beneath.  Reaching my spot, Michelle drops her backpack and plops down on the ground next to me, her chest quickly rising and falling as she catches her breath.  “Mind if we join you out here for lunch?  We’re not interrupting your solitude, are we?”
I laugh, smiling as my best friend unpacks her lunch.  “Not at all.  In fact, I’m waiting for Peter to show up as we speak,” I reply, searching through the throngs of people for one of the few mortals who means anything to me.  “He said he’d meet me out here for lunch, since it’s a nice day and all.”  I tilted my head up to look at the sky; blue with just enough clouds to block the sun.
Michelle bats her eyelashes and leans in close before saying,
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Wahoo story!
“Anna, come on!  You have to come with us!”
“Um, actually, I do not.  There is nothing stating that I do.”
Shelly places a hand on her hip and sighs, glaring at me with her piercing blue eyes before replying.  “Anna.  You cannot be serious right now!  We’re going hiking to a romantic waterfall with cute guys and they actually asked us to go with them.  There is no way you’re turning this down.”
“Michelle, please.  I really do not think you understand why I can’t go on this hike with you.”  I’m not entirely sure how to explain anything to this friend I’ve made down here in the mortal world.  She wouldn’t understand, seeing as she’s never been exposed to anything other than the mundane and ordinary.  I mean, I am a goddess.
Well, maybe not a major one, but my job is important.  Perhaps you’ve heard of me?  My name is Annalyia, and I
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'Waffle House and Christmas'
“So, um, thanks for buying me this.”
“What?  Oh it’s really no problem,” I say before I shove another bite of eggs smothered in syrup into my mouth.  “I figured that since we’ve been working all day I’d treat you to some Waffle House.  It’s your, uh, favorite place right?”
She smiles.  “Yeah!  Thanks, Jason.  I do like it a lot.”
I let out an inaudible sigh.  Good.  I was hoping I’d gotten it right.  “Okay.  Is your, uh, sandwich good?”
“Of course!  It’s what I get every single time I’m here.  I guess I’m in a rut, you know?”
The awkwardness between Susanna and I grows a little bit as we silently eat our breakfast for dinner – dinner at midnight, anyways.  That’s the best kind of dinner, no?  She stares into the distance, probably watching the re-runs of crime shows o
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'Bus Stop'
"So what cha doin' here?"
"Uh, waiting for the bus.  What else would I be doing?"
"I dunno, but that's cool, that's cool."
"Yeah, I guess."
"So, where are ya gonna go?"
"Wherever the bus takes me."..."Why are you so interested in me and where I'm going and what I'm going to do?"
"Oh, no reason."
"Yeah."..."Actually, uh, I was kinda, well, wondering if I could go with you."
"E-excuse me?  You what?"
"Well, I don't have any particular place to be either.  We're both wanderers.  Maybe we should wander together."
"But I don't even know you.  We just met while sitting here at this godforsaken bus stop."
"Your point?  That's why we should wander together.  Maybe we could get to know each other."
"Why me, though?  Surely there have been other people who have come to this bus stop and chatted with you before."
"Duh, of course there have been.  You're just the first one who never had a specific destination before, and
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Find x?
X.  That dastardly little bugger.  He’s so elusive, so irksome.  And yet so helpful.  He’s never really easy to find, that’s for sure, even when he’s right in front of my face.  But he is there for me.  I’ve been trying my whole – well, not whole, but whatever – life to find him.  Even though I think I have.  And take my word for it, I’m really glad that he came into my life and that I was able to find him, even if for a very short time.
It all started when I was twelve.  My math teacher said we were learning a new concept today.  She scribbled meaningless – to me, anyway – gobbledygook on the board while I dozed, staring at the dust particles reflecting the sunlight streaming in from the window.  My chair in the back of the classroom provided me with an adequate opportunity to not pay attention.  Not like I could anyway.  When she was done, my teacher came back to my secluded desk.  She pulled up her chair next to me, scrapin
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(Forewarning, it’s from a boy’s POV)
I was sitting in the library, like I normally do on Wednesdays during lunch. My lunch was on the cushion of the couch next to me, I took chips out of the bag one at a time, savoring each bite. The library was quiet like usual; the only sound the gentle hum of the computers and the A/C blowing cool air into the room.
It was like any other Wednesday.
That is, until she walked in.
I felt my cheeks grow hot and my ears turn a bright pink. I buried my nose in my book and did my best to ignore her.
Though, it is hard to ignore her gorgeous chestnut curls pulled back in a ponytail and lightly tanned skin and plethora of freckles and slim, tall frame and…well, her everything. She had on a baggy sweatshirt that went halfway down her jean-covered thighs. Her small, thick-rimmed square glasses framed her face perfectly.
She was…well, amazing. Perfect. My dream girl.
“Oh. Hey, Seth,” she said.
She acknowledged me! Wh
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